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Staging, but make it function!⁠

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

At Beare and Co. Real Estate we know how important staging is! For Jess (the other half of Beare and Co.) home decor is not only a passion project, it also serves as a starting point to create organizational systems that help to keep our home (and lives) organized.

Everything has it's place, which allows spaces like our kitchen (pictured below) to really shine without clutter covering up the beautiful finishes.⁠

⁠This is something we want to bring to all of our clients. We want to teach you how to create a functional space that will be ready for guests (or potential buyers) at all times - without the scramble to shove everything into drawers and closets (spoiler: potential buyers might be peeking into those spaces!)⁠

We know how quickly things move when you finally find your dream home, your current home needs to be listed like, yesterday! When you work with us we will teach you our step by step processes for ensuing your home is ready for market well before the time comes to list.⁠ ⁠Connect with us to set up a staging consultation.


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