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“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” - John Crosby

We will level up your business - together!

Why me? You're probably wondering what makes me different, right? Well let me tell you . . . 

First of all, my entrepreneurial spirit runs deep! I am a serial entrepreneur and nothing lights me up more than helping ambitious entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their business!

I am equal parts right and left brain! I am a numbers girl who loves spreadsheets and calculations BUT I am also a creative who loves photography, writing, graphic design and video. This is why social media has become my creative outlet and the place I love to hang out! My specialty is personal branding because I have witnessed first hand the power of a strong personal brand - the opportunities are endless. 

Teaching others is something I am so incredibly passionate about.


Have you heard the saying that investing in a mentor is like turning decades into days?


Working with me is exactly that! I spent 4 years pursuing a business degree, a decade in the corporate world observing how businesses run and 4 years running a bookkeeping business helping entrepreneurs run their businesses. The experience I have gained is yours for the taking!

My Instagram platform has become a space for like-minded creative entrepreneurs to hang out and learn from me and ask questions. I love nothing more than sharing tips and tricks and adding value all day long. 

But I know you need more than a few tips and tricks here and there.

You need my eyes on your business.

You need a fresh perspective, and a push in the right direction.

This is where I come in as your mentor.

When we work together growing your business becomes just as important to me as growing my own business.

We're in this together. Your goals become my goals. Your vision becomes my vision. We won't quit until your goals become a reality!

Ready to see if we'd be a good fit?

My Approach
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